The Story of SaKula Yoga Studio

Bonnie Beresford and Ro Marinucci have been life partners for 24 years and, in that time together, have experienced many life lessons. One of their most important journeys brought them both to the practice of yoga.

Ro’s mother, Elly, became seriously ill several years ago. Yoga was one of the lifelines that Bonnie and Ro held on to as they cared for Elly during the last months of her life.

As Elly experienced the couple’s love and support, she advised them to continue to help each other and to do whatever they can to help others. Elly was, in fact, very insistent that this is what Bonnie and Ro should do with the rest of their lives.

Shortly after Elly’s passing, an opportunity presented itself to Bonnie and Ro – to open a yoga studio for their friends in the community.
Guided forward by Elly’s words and community anticipation, Bonnie and Ro established their new venture and readied it for opening in a brief two month’s time. SaKula Yoga Studio opened in January 2010 and was truly

“Born from Family, Friends and Community.”

Bonnie and Ro created a warm, nurturing, and professional environment for the practice of yoga.
They’ve assembled a group of experienced, dedicated instructors and set up a veritable banquet of
classes and workshops from which to choose. SaKula’s student population grew and continues to grow.

SaKula’s students appreciate the opportunity to practice yoga in such a welcoming environment and Bonnie and Ro enjoy witnessing and participating in the new friendships that emerge, knowing that somewhere Elly is smiling.

Elly’s advice to Bonnie and Ro was well heeded. Bonnie and Ro have dedicated SaKula Yoga Studio to Elly, who showed them the true meaning of life – to be there for each other.

“We love each other and we always will.”   Elly, 2009

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