Meet our Teachers

Darlene has been practicing yoga from 2006. Taking my first step on the mat brought back the nestalgia of being a gymnast. So the first meeting with yoga was truly a physical attraction. As time went on and life began to take over between, marriage, work and motherhood the commitment to the practice was put on hold.
One day I woke up and had to get back to a studio and take a class, feeling run down, out of shape, and stressed I wandered into Sakula Yoga Studio. This time the meeting was less of a physical attraction and more of a welcoming home. After a few years off the mat the ability to just show up and be open to receive what was being offered was now the yoga that resignated with me. I knew I could never let yoga out of my life again so I entered into the the Yoga Teacher Training at Sakula. I received my 200 hour RYT in 2015 and directly went on to receive my 85 hour Prenatal Certification and an added certification in Fertility.
It has been a journey ever since with many teachers to thank for their inspiration and support. Yoga takes on different forms at different times in our lives, we all come to the mat for reasons yet to be discovered. Yoga clears that path for you to become a more open and receptive human being. Teaching from the mind, body and spirit.















Valerie has been practicing yoga since 2001 and because of the way it changed her life in so many positive ways, she found her calling and began teaching in 2006. She completed her teacher training in 2007 and is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT.
Her teaching specialty and passion is vinyasa yoga, a creative movement based asana practice intimately linked to the breath. She places an emphasis on alignment and paces her group classes to enable students to find the safest and fullest expression of the postures, movement, and the breath.

Being always a student of yoga, she continues to study the many different styles and philosophies of yoga practice and enjoys sharing that wisdom with her clients. She hopes to inspire others to make
yoga a way of life.














Toni  was  first introduced to yoga and Pilates by her sister several years ago.  After her first class, she left feeling invigorated but with a sense of peace and accomplishment.  She immediately began practicing yoga on a regular basis.  Prior to her yoga practice, Toni could barely touch her knees when folding forward.  After just three months, she was able to touch the ground.  That was just one of the many physical changes she noticed.  Working for a chiropractor, she always had a deep understanding of the body and the importance of fitness and health.  Now yoga personally had touched her and she knew it would be a life-long practice.  Toni realized that it would be a wonderful opportunity to share her knowledge with others through teaching.  She received her 200 hour certification through Balance Yoga.  Once she became a yoga teacher, she felt it would be even better to expand her horizons to include Pilates in her teaching.  She had the awesome opportunity to train under her sister, Carly Porrello of the Regeneration Institute of Pilates and Yoga.  Toni is also a singer/songwriter and invites you to listen to her original music at www.myspace.com/tonirosemusic
Toni urges her students to remember that although yoga and Pilates are serious practices, it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself, to enjoy all the benefits and to, most of all, have fun!















Denise Trimble has an eclectic blend of experience, allowing her to bring knowledge, depth, and richness to her yoga classes.  A graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Occupational Therapy, Denise worked for 4 years in medical environments, before leaving the profession to pursue a path of healing through Massage Therapy Certification from Health Choices Holistic Massage School in 1999.  During her massage training, she discovered the joy and life-changing practice of yoga, and pursued her Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Soma Center in 2002.  Passionate about spreading her love for the practice of yoga, she opened Inner Light Yoga Center in North Brunswick in 2002, and taught and ran the business for 3 years.  Following the whispers of her heart and the longing of her soul, she sold the yoga business to become a new Mom in 2005.  Now Mommy to a beautiful vibrant daughter, Denise can truly appreciate the tools that yoga has taught her to ride the roller-coaster of parenting and the ebb and flows of life.
Due to her fascination with Anatomy and Physiology, Denise was also a teacher’s assistant in the Neuro-muscular Therapy program at Health Choices Massage School, as well as teaching the Anatomy portion of the Yoga Teacher Training program at Soma Center.  She brings her knowledge of the physical body into her teaching, so that all students may have a greater understanding of the bodies we inhabit!
Denise’s classes are lighthearted and fun, as well as informative and meaningful.  She is skilled at bringing yoga philosophies and spiritual teachings into her classes in ways students can use in their everyday lives.















Mandi has been practicing yoga for several years. She started first at home with DVDs to supplement running and weight training, but after pain and injuries from running worsened, she began to devote more time to yoga and soon was taking classes daily. She followed two of her teachers from a studio in Somerset to Sakula. At Sakula she found a home and family, of which she is a proud member. In 2013, at the urging of her friend and teacher Amy Chu, she completed her 200-hour teacher certification at Sakula under the guidance of Sharon Jig-Hong.
Mandi is grateful and honored to be a part of the Sakula community and enjoys every moment she gets to spend in the studio, whether on the mat as a student or teaching. She is always looking for ways to challenge herself and deepen her practice, and loves experiencing all the different styles of the teachers at Sakula. Her motto is “always forward”, and her favorite mantra is “lokah samastah sukhino bavantu”
“may all beings be happy and free”.













Introduced to yoga by way of the television program “Yoga Zone”, Tim soon found himself immersed in the practice.  After studying with several local teachers, he decided to pursue a teacher training and found the teachers he began with, the creators of  “Yoga Zone”.  Learning from Ishta creator Alan Finger and his team of incredible yoga teachers and trainers, Tim earned his 200 hour certification from Be Yoga (Yoga Works). 
Continually learning, he has taken workshops with Seane Corn, Dave Black, Mark Whitwell, Jean Koerner, Peter Ferko and many others.  He hopes to help each student grow his or her own practice through the use of proper alignment and patience.
In addition to yoga, Tim is a drummer and photographer.  The combination of technique, release and creation that binds yoga, music and the visual arts is his never-ending inspiration.
You can see more of his photography at www.timshahadyphotography.com











Kate found yoga in 2005 while living in Los Angeles, where she had the great fortune to study with many gifted teachers. She quickly discovered that she was equally challenged and restored by each class and encountered first-hand the power of the practice to transform the body and the mind. Kate’s experience of the profound benefits of yoga practice has inspired her to deepen her study and to share that experience with others. In 2011, Kate completed her 200 hour certification at Sakula Yoga. Her classes focus on classic principles of Hatha yoga with an emphasis on breath work and on creating a balance between stillness and flow. She believes that the attention we bring to our yoga practice informs every moment of our life practice, and that yoga supplies us with the tools we need to connect with ourselves and with others in this often stressful and busy world. Kate continues to study and deepen in her love and understanding of yoga and hopes to impart that knowledge and joy to her students. 













Stacy "Anuttara", E-RYT, MT is a spirited modern dancer who began and continues her life journey as a student of Siddha Yoga & Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.   In 1991 she completed Hatha yoga training in the Iyengar tradition and led classes in both South Fallsburg & Manhattan Ashrams.  A few years, and twin daughters later led her to teach yoga for children & families.  In a busy 2005, she was certified at Next Generation Yoga for Kids with founder Jodi Komitor as well as graduated in Asanas & Pranayama from Integral Yoga Institute.  An Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance with over 1000 hours of teaching experience, she continues her studies of Prana Flow with river guides, Shiva Rae and Twee Merrigan.  Other luminaries in her life include Gurmukh, Hari Kaur, Mark Whitwell, Amma & Swamiji, JyotiMa Chrystal, Dr. Frawley and Yogini Shambhavi Chopra.  As a continuing student, Stacy has compled training in Reiki, massage and ayurveda.

Stacy brings to her classes a balance of life’s natural flow of Shakti through breath, tantric based intention and classic conscious movement.  Yoga is for everyone regardless of age or physicality.  It is the ancient gift to us all.  With gratitude, Stacy shares what has lovingly been passed through her by her teachers and bows to their lotus feet.  Jai Ma Guru!

















Deb Cerruti, MFA, RYT, AAHCC, CD(DONA) is delighted to be part of the Sakula Yoga family.  Deb teaches beginner and open levels of Chair yoga, Iyengar-based yoga, Pre and Postnatal yoga and Meditation for Childbirth with warmth, precision and good humor.  It was Dr. Jason Martin, Deb’s first true teacher and guide, who encouraged her to take the plunge into the world of yoga teaching and just in time to be taught by the inimitable Jyoti Chrystal at her Starseed Yoga and Wellness.  Deb received her Pre and Postnatal Teacher Training from Kelli DeFLora at Starseed, Partner Yoga for Couples Training from Ann Greene at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and has been deeply inspired by her teachers and all of her students (pregnant and non:)  As a longtime professional actress (AEA,SAG,AFTRA) with an MFA in Acting from CUA, a certified Bradley Method® Natural Childbirth Educator, certified Birth Doula  and proud Mother of 2 who loves to harmonize vocally, spiritually & interpersonally,  Deb's creative energies are further enlivened and shared.  Deb’s teaching style is careful, clear and encouraging, emphasizing physical alignment and the breath as key to opening and releasing. Deb often uses poetry to help focus and inspire. 
I’ve been enjoying the yoga very much and find the variety quite exhilarating.  You bring a freshness to each lesson and it remains vibrant”. – Norma Corona















Katherine first started to practice yoga ten years ago to stay fit while traveling for business.  She picked yoga since it can be practiced anytime and anywhere, but quickly realized the full benefits of the yoga practice.  The calming, meditative and tranquil feeling made her love yoga. 
When Kim Miller opened her yoga studio in Somerset, N.J. Katherine routinely attended classes. 

However, she did not discover Ashtanga yoga until a few years later.  Katherine loves this ancient and challenging yoga system.   Last year Katherine completed David Swenson’s Ashtanga yoga teacher training class in NYC.  In 2010 she received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate from Stefani Pappas’ Devalila Yoga.   This summer she attended the Ashtanga Mela in Kripalu with David Williams, David Swenson and Danny Paradise. 













JoAnn, a native of New Jersey, actually lived out of the state for 21 years before moving back in September of 2007.  After 24 years in the travel industry, decided to change careers and now finds herself as a certified yoga and fitness instructor, receiveing her yoga certification from The Regeneration Institute of Yoga, a Yoga Alliance School, in April 2010 and is currently teaching both children and adult classes.

JoAnn teaches Parent and Toddler Classes at Sakula Yoga Studio and teaches regular Zumba classes at the YMCA of Eastern Union County in both Rahway and Elizabeth. She is licensed to teach Zumba, Kids Zumba and Kids Zumba, Jr. and is combining both Yoga and Zumba together allowing the children get to boost their energy level up and then quiet their minds before returning to class.












Sharon E-RYT 200, RYT 500 YA and IAYT, began her yoga journey in 1993 when her roommate suggested she try a Rodney Yee video. She was hooked and started taking classes at a local gym, then moved towards a yoga community at Yogasana/Centerspace Studio. The euphoric feel after each class soon led to the discovery of many health benefits. Sharon received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2006 and completed her Advance Yoga Studies at Asheville Yoga, NC. She is a teacher assistant to for Terry Roth Schaff, a Medical Yoga therapist, who co-teaches with Dr. Loren Fishman (Yoga for Arthritis/Yoga for Osteoperosis) and Dr. Wilkins (Yoga for Neck and Shoulders) at Kripalu. Sharon’s goal is to share with the students a “soaring” feeling using traditional and alternative poses, Chakra energies and positive insights. Sharon is a certified Intermediate-level Thai Yoga practitioner using basic principles of ayurvedic/dosha from the Lotus Palm School;  Relax and Renew Advance Trainer in 2011 with Judith Hanson Lasater, Vinyasa Certification with Seane Corn, Reiki III certification and continues to study with various yoga teachers who specialize in various Yoga Therapy/ Medical Yoga Therapy for healing. She is an experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance with over 2000 hours of teaching experiences. 
Sharon is the lead trainer for Sakula yoga YA-200 hour program.

Her classes are an eclectic blend of flow, primarily focusing on Hatha alignment principles coupled with breathing techniques and postures which allow the body to move in and out of stillness with stability and range mobility. Restorative poses are restful, nurtured and positive self-care.
Sharon is most thankful to all her teachers – past, present and future.   Her favorite mantra is: "Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu" which means "May All Beings Be Happy and Free".























Ruby  first started practicing yoga in the 1990s when she was up late one night to see a grey-haired woman doing a dhanurasana (wheel) pose.  When she tried the posture, she couldn’t lift herself off the floor and became intrigued.  It was at that time she realized that her full time work and school schedule has stressed her to the max.  Ruby started her yoga practice focusing on the physical aspects, but soon became aware of how yoga gave her a sense of calmness, helped her become more focused, and much more aware of life.
After several years of practice, Ruby completed a 500 hour yoga teacher certification program with Bobbi Ellis of Soma Center.  Her initial plan for training was to improve her practice, but as she learned more, she wanted to pass the knowledge on to others through her teaching.  Ruby is inspired by studying with different teachers and learning from her students.  Her hope is to introduce as many people to yoga as possible.











Amy began her yoga journey in 2002 to help reduce stress and was immediately drawn to the physical challenges of Ashtanga.  She was never an athlete because she had asthma and did not enjoy mundane exercises such as running or sports.  After several years of Ashtanga practice, she started to incorporate more vinyasa flow into her practice.  As her practice developed, she was more intrigued with the subtle energies and spiritual side of yoga.  She went through Reiki level 3 training and works with various individuals to learn about energy and healing. 
When she was approached to bring yoga to the Deaf community, she became inspired to become a yoga teacher herself.  Having family who are Deaf, she was exposed to the Deaf community since she was a child and completed a Deaf Studies Certificate program in college. 
She completed her Vinyasa Teacher Training program with Tracey Ulshafer at One Yoga Center. 
Upon graduation, she has been teaching various classes to the Deaf and hearing communities.
Outside of yoga, Amy works full-time in the finance field. She spends her time with her family and friends, volunteering for Make-A-Wish Foundation and various Deaf organizations, taking on craft projects, and teaching American Sign Language to kids.
Namaste ~ in sign language “from deep within my heart I grow to honor your heart and bow to you.”





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